Kamen Ostromer, s.r.o.

is a specialized company on mining and processing of the horice sandstone, which has been using for building, decorative and sculptural purposes already in long past pasts. The horice sandstone was using on annex St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle and repairs of the Charles bridge ( inclusive several replicas statuary bordering it), reconstruction of Prague National Theatre, Mill colonnade in Karlovy Vary, decanal temple in Most, St. Barbara temple in Kutna Hora and many other historical buildings. Nowadays the Horice sandstone offers where's being asked first-rate stone with distinct engrain. Assert oneself as a sheeting buildings, static effortless construction material, pavement and is ideal material for hand work off - that is why exercise in the statuary area, garden architecture, but even possibly as facings fireplaces.

We exploit Horice’s sandstone

at our mine in Podhorni Ujezd, structure of sandstone at the mine allows us to exploit large blocks of stone. Further utilization is done at the place of our business in Ostromer. We employ modern equipment, such as fully automatic CNC system made by Fraccaroli & Balzan or semi-automatic machine for stone surface designing.

Kamen Ostromer, s.r.o.

belongs to financial group of Kooperativa pojistovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group.

Services we provide cover stages of planning, manufacturing, delivering and installation of various products, for example:

  • Floor blocks, window sills and facades
  • Stone cutting, masonry works
  • Statues and other works of art from sandstone
  • Sphere and pier caps
  • Ashlar walling
  • Surrounds, heads and cills